(Giveaway) 10 Color Combos hamper to be won!

Edited on 05 Aug: Giveaway has ended! Thank you for your¬†participation. ūüôā

Hello everyone! Remember my recent review of the (Ś•ĹšļčśąźŚŹĆ)¬†Color Combos ‚Äď Double Function Mascara? If you wish to give this mascara a try, i have something really exciting to announce!

For the next few days, 10 lucky readers of my blog will stand a chance to win a Color Combos hamper worth more than $80 (including the new Color Combos Double Function mascara) each!

10 Hampers to be won!

Here’s the breakdown of the items you will receive in the hamper (Colors might vary!)

1) Double Function Mascara

2) Mineral Liquid Eyeliner РGirl 

3) Mineral Eyeshadow Combo

Double Function Mascara is inspired by make-up artists and it has an innovative double wiper (wand) mechanism.. Being a two-In-one mascara, it allows users to create dual effects (Volume and Length) with just one mascara. One wand will help volumize lash for greater impression while the other helps to coat each lash evenly to creating long, separated and defined lashes.

For a complete eye-makeup, you will also be given the Mineral Liquid Eyeliner РGirl and Mineral Eyeshadow Combo to complement the Double function mascara

4) Mineral Lip Gloss

Color Combos Mineral Lip Gloss is a lip gloss with shiny particles to leave lips with high shine. This product also contains treatment ingredients to provide lips with moisture at the same time.

5) Protective Lip Balm

Caring and nourishing formula with SPF 40, Shea Butter, Argan Oil and anti-oxidant Vitamin E provides UV protection and prevent lips from drying.

6) Mineral Blusher

Contains no paraben perservatives and artificial flaours, Color Combos mineral blusher has a smooth texture and long-lasting effect. With Jojoba seed oil to provide a long-lasting moisturizing feeling; its other ingredients refresh skin, offers antioxidant and whitening effect after use.

7) Instant Eye MU remover

Under the skincare series, this two phrase eye makeup remover gently and effectively removes eye makeup and moisturizes the delicate skin on our eye areas at the same time.

To participate in this giveaway, just answer a simple question and follow these requirements:

1) Answer a simple question and leave a comment at the end of this post with your answer + name + email 

Question: Name one effect which Color Combos Double Function Mascara can create?

* Answer can be found here: https://jermaineee.com/2013/06/28/sponsored-review-color-combos-double-function-mascara/

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3) Email SaSa @ facebook@sasa.com.sg ¬†with the printscreen of your answer + name + email (posted on my blog), SaSa SG FB ‘like’ and my blog link ‘share’ on SaSa SG FB page.

(edited on 02 Aug) – To make things easier from today onwards, just email SaSa @ facebook@sasa.com.sg¬†¬†with¬†your answer + name + email, ¬†SaSa SG FB ‘like’ and my blog link ‘share’ on SaSa SG FB page.

4) Include this subject title: I want to win a Color Combos hamper (from Jermaineee) !

5) SaSa will pick 10 random lucky winners (winners will be notified on SaSa SG FB page & email) who will be walking away with a Color Combos hamper worth more than $80


Important points to take note:

1) Do follow all above instructions carefully to qualify for this giveaway. Incomplete entry will be disqualified. 1 chance each so duplicate entries will also be disqualified.

2) This giveaway is only open to people residing in Singapore. Do note that SaSa will be in charge of selecting the winners

3) This giveaway will end on 04 Aug @ 11 pm and Sasa will inform winners SaSa SG FB page & via email.

Good Luck!¬†‚ô• Special thanks to SaSa Singapore for making life beautiful! ūüėÄ

(Sponsored Review) Color Combos – Double Function Mascara

There is a Chinese saying –¬†Good Things Come In Pairs (Ś•ĹšļčśąźŚŹĆ)!¬†

Often in life circumstances, the combination of forces will result in synergy which will bring about benefits such as improved results and better opportunities etc. This saying applies to cosmetics as well as often we will need to use more than 1 product to achieve the desired results.. One example will be mascara as most of the time i will layer on 2 types of mascara to achieve better volume and length.

Last month, SASA has sent me a¬†double function¬†(2-in-1 mascara) for review.. First time I’m seeing one mascara that comes with double wand mechanism!


Color Combos – Double Function Mascara (R.P $17.90 11ml)

Introducing the Color Combos РDouble Function Mascara, this mascara is inspired by make-up artists and it has an innovative double wiper (wand) mechanism.. Being a two-In-one mascara, it allows users to create dual effects (Volume and Length) with just one mascara.


2 wands for Volume and Length!

One wand will help volumize lash for greater impression while the other helps to coat each lash evenly to creating long, separated and defined lashes.


First rave will be the casing of the mascara, it is beautifully decorated with Leopard prints on the dusty pink casing! Secondly, the mascara is in black! Personally i will prefer to use mascara in black as the black pigments will define my lashes for a more spectacular look.


Suitable for all, the mascara contains Beeswax (Provides long-lasting action) and Caranauba wax (Give luster to lashes) along with other ingredients:


Direction on how to use the 2 wands :

Wand #1: The wand at the bottom with silver rims

Use this wand to create Volume for a more dramatic look (suitable for clubbing and girls night out)



The wand on top will be wand #2 which will coat each lash evenly to create long, separated and defined lashes. It is suitable to be used solely for more natural day-time-up makeup and for lower lashes …

For 2-in-1 Volumizing + Defining, use #1 first on lashes for volume and then follow-up with #2 for definition.



One sentence that summarizes this mascara – Long lasting black mascara that will gives a gentle, natural look as lashes look more defined, longer and separated!

Texture:¬†This mascara is on the ‚Äėmore moisturized‚Äô side so application will be a breeze. Despite being moist, it dries up quickly after coating it on lashes. After application, mascara is non-sticky and does not cause my upper and lower lashes to stick together (like how some mascara do)… Despite putting on 2 layers, it won’t clump and lashes are nicely separated! Rant is that the mascara isn’t jet black enough so it can only create minimal volume.. Normally, i will use only 2 layers of mascara (with #1) but i guess the volumizing effect can be improved if you layer more than 2 layers? Mascara don’t have curling effect but it has a nice lengthening ability.

Brush:¬†Both wands have fine bristle like design on the applicator so it can coat all my lashes easily. Both applicators are of the right size so i can move it around easily. Wand #1 can only create a little volume with 2 layers. Wand #2’s applicator is slightly smaller than Wand #1 and it really helps to separate my lashes¬†which results in more even application. With only one layer using #2, lashes are visibly longer and more defined!

Staying Power:¬†¬†Excellent as it won’t smudge despite the fact that i have oily eyelids and i did not apply any mascara base prior application. Mascara can be easily removed by any eye-makeup removal despite being so long-lasting! ūüôā

Bare lashes

After application of mascara with both wands (#1 x 2 & #2 x 1)

After application of mascara with both wands (#1 x & x 1)

Lashes at the end of the day

After application of 1 coat of mascara with both wands (lower lashes)

Overall, i find that Color Combos Double Function is good in lengthening and separating my lashes.. As for volumizing, it is pale in comparison as compared to other volumizing mascara that i have come across (My current favorite will be ZA Killer Volume Mascara!).¬†Basically¬†you have to layer it for extra volume but i don’t like to apply too many layers of mascara..¬†I will add points for the consistency of the mascara (not too wet and not too dry) plus it dries really fast and does not clump. The wand also separate my lashes very nicely and will recommend this if you need a mascara to use on a daily basis (whereby you want a natural and subtle look)


Exclusively available at all SaSa SG Stores, Color Combos Double Function Mascara is retailing at $17.90.

(Sponsored Review) Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner & Dasoda MG Mega Liquid

It has been sometime since my last eyeliner review as I did not come across a brand which left a big impact behind… However two weeks ago, Sasa has sent me some make-up items from Dasoda for review and I’m really very impressed with the eyeliner!!!

** Will also review the concealer in this post and will blog more about the mascara soon. ūüôā

Dasoda is a brand from Japan and it symbolizes sweetness and loveliness.. Dasoda has brought many women special happiness and beauty to shine and live their own life story as beautiful heroines. Products under the brand are gentle to skin and are highly safe to be used on skin / eyes.


Picture from Dasoda’s FB

The eyeliner that i am raving about in this post is known as the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner and this eye-liner charger does not contain coal-tar colorants (like Yellow no 4, Blue no 1, red no 227) so colorant¬†don’t¬†remain on the skin. When colorant doesn’t remain on skin, it won’t harm the skin by causing pigmentation as the eyeliner can be easily¬†washed off warm water and facial cleanser.

The eyeliner has a water-proof formula which resists tears, sweat and water. Even when it is wet, it won’t smudge.¬†When it is dry, the water-resistant polymer in the eyeliner will coats the surface and making it smudge-free for hours…

The eyeliner also has a fast-dry formula so you won’t stain your eyelids when you blink right after application. Hence, you can achieve a clear thick defined line with many layers as it doesn’t smudge nor stain.

Lastly, this eyeliner is combined with moisturizing essence that cares for the eye area as u draw a clear defined line (Moisturizing ingredients: hyaluronic acid, collagen, keratin, panthenol).

Just because it works and brought about amazing results, the¬†Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner has once topped the chart in Cosme (Japan’s largest cosmetics and beauty¬†comprehensive site).

Something which i really love about the eyeliner will be its brush which enables me to achieve smooth drawing… I’m not a big fan of eyeliner with very fine brush as i will tend to draw a thicker lines on my lids hence it is easier if the brush is on the thicker side..

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner has an exquisite eyeliner brush specially designed with bristles of a specific length and elasticity as well as a unique angle for each bristle. With these, the dense black ink of the eyeliner will adheres to the brush better so that you can draw a striking and lustrious deep black line in just one stroke

As a comparison, i will make use of another eyeliner brand as a¬†benchmark¬†in various ‘tests’… Both eyeliners produce a thick and obvious black line.. For Heroine Make eyeliner, i have to draw the line twice in order to achieve the same density as Dasoda’s (with just one swipe)… Also¬†if you look closer, Dasoda’s line appears to be more lustrous… This is due to the fact that Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner¬†contains the blackest¬†possible¬†carbon black ink which can produce a different result from a thin black die ink.

I have also subjected both eyeliners to running tap water and both eyeliner stays on strong… Next, i tried to rub away both lines and sad to say that Heroine Make’s did not ‘survive’ from the friction…. +1 to Dasoda’s highly water-proof and smudge-free formula.

I have mentioned earlier that Dasoda’s eyeliner contains non-penetrating carbon black ink so it will just adheres to the skin surface (as such, no pigmentation occur).. Hence, it can be easily wipe off with one sheet of make-up remover wipes… If you wish to remove the eyeliner make-up fast, simply just use warm water and your facial cleanser to wash it away.¬†

As you know i have oily skin and oily eyelids so most eyeliner won’t last on my lids for more than 6 hours… From the picture below, i have used Heroine Make’s eyeliner on one eye and Dasoda’s on another.. Took this picture after 1o hours of application so¬†pardon¬†my really oily looking skin… Most of the line created by Heroine Make’s eyeliner has ‘gone with the oil’ and¬†wiping¬†with tissue while most pigments created by Dasoda’s eyeliner still remains intact..

The Dasoda MG Mega Liquid Liner¬†retails at $19.90 and it is available exclusively at Sasa.. Will highly recommend it if you are looking for one eyeliner that is long-lasting yet can be easily removed during the cleansing process.. Moreover, it brings about an intensive black line which i adore! ūüôā

Ohh! To ensure a smooth flow of ink¬†during application, you might have to make sure that you store the pen tip facing downwards for about 5 mins before you use it.. Other than this, there’s isn’t any more rant about this eyeliner and hope you will love it as much as i do.. ūüėÄ

Dasoda MG Mega Liquid concealer

I’m not a big fan of concealer as it will tend to clog my sensitive and easily clogged skin.. Will usually steer clear of them unless i have big zits which need major coverage.. Due to the feasting of junk food during the CNY period, i have developed this really big acne on my chin-line which is badly¬†inflamed¬†and red!

Therefore, i have put the Dasoda MG Mega Liquid concealer to good use.. Available in two shades, the mega liquid is available in Natural & Ocre and it is a 3-in-1 product!

The concealer is packaged in a clicker calligraphy brush¬†pen style which makes application more hygiene and ‘hands-free’.. You can just dap the concealer onto areas which requests concealing while you using your concealer brush to blend it in. During the¬†initial¬†use, i have difficulties trying the get the concealer out.. I have no ides how many times i ‘clicked’ it and i have to switch hand as my injured wrist hurts from all the clicking.. However for the¬†subsequent¬†uses, no such problem faced as 1-2 clicks will able to get the concealer out..

Beside acting as a concealer, Dasoda MG Mega Liquid can also be used as a highlighter by adding brightness, dimension and harmonizes all the features of the face. It also provides lifting capabilities as it contains various ingredients that prevents firms that skin.. Daily use will prevent around the eyes age spots, wrinkles and dryness.


Texture of the concealer is very light-weighted and non-greasy… Upon blending, the concealer will into a powdery texture and it doesn’t leave behind an oily aftermath.


As for the concealing power, ¬†it is able to hide redness very well with just a thin layer… As you know the skin on our acne / pimples will always be more oily than other part of the face, hence re-application of concealer will be required during the later part of the day.. As for the¬†Dasoda MG Mega Liquid, it is able to last for about 6-8 hours before touch up is required.. IMO, the lasting power is not bad (although not as long-lasting when compared to Mac’s)


The Dasoda MG Mega Liquid retails at $25.90 at all Sasa outlets… Hope you have enjoy reading my review and have an enjoyable sunday! ūüôā

(Sponsored Review) Neogence’s Extremely Off-Heads Serum

Hello everyone! I hope the week has been kind to you.. ūüôā

For me, it has been a rough week as i have¬†injured¬†my wrist and fell sick yesterday. Only¬†positive¬†thing that has brightened up my week will be improved skin condition on my jawlines.. This is due to the fact that for the past 10 days, i have used Aloe Vera Mask once every 2 days and applied Neogence’s Extremely Off-Heads Serum¬†2X daily.¬†To recap, SASA has sent me this product a few months back and Neogence’s Extremely Off-Heads Serum¬†is the special care product in the Pore Solution Series..¬†

Extremely off-heads serum

The EXTREMELY OFF-HEADS SERUM (15ml) contains a unique pore purifying formula which will clean and remove acne.. Together with complex acid to dissolve acne and witch hazel extract as a form of astringent, this serum will double up to control oil and control sebum excretion.


Main ingredients used in this serum will be Glycacid, Mandelic Acid, AC. Net, Evermat and Watch Hazel Leaf Extract. This special combination of fruit acid will penetrate deep into pores to ‘soften and dissolve’ imperfections like dead skin cells, acne, pimples and clogged pores. At the same time, it will help to reduce sebum production, improve skin’s texture and close up pores.


Because it contains fruit acid, the serum is contained in a glass bottle so you might have to extra careful during handling.. The dropper makes application easy and more¬†hygienic¬†. As mentioned, I’m using this serum two times a day.. In the morning, I’ll only apply it on pimples and acne before applying my moisturizer.. At night, i’ll apply 2 drops to my chin and jawline area.. I did not apply moisturizer on my chin / jawline area as i don’t want to pile too much products on these sensitive areas.


The serum has a sweet minty scent and it feels a little¬†slimy to the touch…Due to the gel-ish texture, i feel that it is quite thick as it leaves behind a sticky film.. To prevent this, just massage the serum onto your skin in a circular motion¬†until the serum is fully absorbed..


Before using this product, I’m worried that it will be too harsh on skin as it contains fruit acid… However, the serum¬†doesn’t irritate my skin and it did not cause any peeling or stinging sensation (Despite¬†not applying¬†moisturizer)¬†… After application, skin looks softer and calmer…


After 10 days of usage, I’m pleased to announced these improvements:

1) The serum did a great job purifying my skin and ‘drawing out’ the white head and pus from my¬†inflamed¬†pimples / acne.. Because of this, the healing process is greatly reduced as I’m able to extract out the gunk so as to dry up my problem¬†areas. Again, it is not recommended to squeeze your pimples / acne but i just can’t help it.. ūüėõ

2) Because the serum helps to soften and removes dead skin cells, i find that the texture of my skin on the jawline areas appear to be more even and less dull.. Personally, i like the soothing sensation it has on my skin after application (perhaps this is due to the watch Hazel?)

3) The amount of acne and pimples have reduced after usage..  Skin on jawline feels less bumpy and existing pimples / acne are also less red and swollen . However, do not over apply as it might be too rich for your skin.. Once, i ended up with some breakouts on my chin area as i applied too much serum on it..

20130120_170543 (3)

I’ll recommend this serum if you think that your current pimple cream isn’t doing much to dry up your imperfections… After using this serum, i have creased the use of pimple cream on my jawline area as this serum does a better healing job!

If you are interested in buying any¬†Neogence’s products, it is available exclusively in all SASA outlets...

Take care everyone! ūüėÄ

(Sponsored Review) My new found love – Jasmine water BB cream!

Hello everyone!! Now i’m back with the review of the BRTC BB cream as promised! ūüôā

If you are looking for a BB cream suitable for sensitive skin, continue reading! Before i tried the BB cream from BRTC, i will try to avoid using BB cream due to the texture.. Because the texture of BB cream tends to be on the thicker side, it’ll leave behind a sticky and sometimes greasy after-feel.. Because it is thick, my skin is unable to ‘breathe’ properly. Once the BB cream is mixed up with sebum on my face, pimples will start to erupt on my face..

Due to the thick texture of BB cream, my beautican has told me to steer clear of BB cream as she told me it will¬†definitely¬†clog my pores. I listened to her as she knows best and because of the nature of my skin, i cannot pile too many layers of skincare products / make up products in order to prevent breakouts…

Initially when SASA approached me to do this review, i rejected the offer as I’m afraid that my skin will have adverse reactions again.. However, Kiyora (the marketing in charge from SASA) has reassured me that the BB cream will be suitable for my sensitive / acne prone skin… Moreover, this BB cream has received many positive reviews so i have decided to take this ‘leap of faith’..

Stop’ logo from http://www.justsymbol.com

‘As mentioned in my previous post,¬†BRTC is a popular cosmeceuticals¬†brand from Korea¬†and the company is the first to introduced Blemish Balm into Korea‚Äôs market and further enhanced it into multi-functional Blemish Balm Cream thus leading it into a world‚Äôs craze.. Its star product ‚Äď Multi-Functional BB Cream captured plenty of Asian women attention and created a sales record of 50000 in Japan..

The BRTC BB Cream Line is¬†dermatological¬†tested Smart functional BB and¬†Sun-care¬†product line..¬†The BB cream consists of sun care ingredients to help double protect against UV-A and B.. Beside this, the BB cream¬†provides customized solution to address different skin’s concern. With only one product, you can now create beautiful and healthy skin tone by maximizing the makeup effects as well as skin protection.

Although it is a 2-in-one product, the BB cream will feel like own skin while creating a real skin tone finish… Now you can be beautiful and skin will stay healthy with¬†BRTC BB Cream Line

The BRTC BB cream line is suitable for all skin-types (even those sensitive ones) as it contains Blue Complex, a plant patent ingredient. This blue complex was formulated and patented with the aim of improving skin and reducing irritation from external environment and sun damage. The Lavender and other blue flowers in the blue complex will activate the growth of new cells, helps with sebum control and provide hydration needs.

The ‘Blue Complex is discovered when French chemist Rene Maurice Gattefoss discovered the amazing healing power from blue flower when he burnt his hand during an experiment.¬†After he applied¬†lavender¬†extract on his burns, the skin on his hands healed very quickly without much complication..

Thus using the Lavender’s healing power, BRTC has gathered these blue color flowers backed up with research and state of the art science to formulate the best botanical skincare and cosmetics line for soothing and healing irritated and¬†sensitive¬†skin. After application, the blue complex will provide an immediate soothing function as well as anti-oxidation based on elements from blue plant as lavender and chamomile.

Photo extract from BRTC website

The BB cream that i will be reviewing today will be the Jasmine water BB cream¬†and this BB cream will help soothing , moisturizing of dry and sensitive skin while it covers up your skin’s imperfections.

The BRTC Jasmine Water BB cream is a triple function BB cream that will whiten, repair wrinkles and protect skin against harmful rays. The BB cream contains 5% jasmine extracts (real jasmine flower) that will provide full moisture control.

The BB cream formulated with Jasmine, together with the Blue complex will help soothe and moisturize  dry and sensitive skin and create moist and bright skin tone expression. Not forgetting this BB cream is a Perfect Protect system as it helps to provide oil control and prevent skin from sun damage.

This brightening, moisturizing and Soothing BB cream for Dry and sensitive skin will protect dry and sensitive skin from further damage (as it reduces inflammation, hydrates and re hydrates) while it creates a soft, bright complexion.

The ingredient list – see if you can spot the Blue complex composition.

Some key ingredients include:

Moisturizing and Soothing – Jasmine flower, Green Tea Plant, Portulaca Oleracea and Blue Complex

Nutrition Supply And Restoration – Sweet Almond oil and Centella Asistica

Whitening and Wrinkle care – Arbuntin and Adenosine

The BB cream has a creamy texture and can be absorbed easily into skin without oily / sticky after-feel.. What you see under the BB cream is a layer of moisture (Not Oil if you are thinking of that)… The BB cream also has a nice Jasmine scent and do you know that Jasmine will give you luxurious skin as it provides strong moisture control and enables smooth adhesiveness on skin.

I’m gonna put the BB cream to few tests..

Test of Coverage : Good as it  is able to conceal my greenish veins well and even out my patchy skintone.

Test of  Soothing Power: I have a red patch on my hand and normally it will take sometime before the redness will subsidy as i have thin / sensitive skin.. I applied some BB cream onto the affected area and leave it on for 10 mins..

After 10 mins, most of the reddness is gone ( FYI, i did not do any editing to this picture ).

Upon application of the BB cream onto my face, it doesn’t leave behind any¬†stickiness¬†and the color of the BB cream matches my yellowish¬†skin-tone¬†very well.. The BB cream also provides excellent coverage for my skin as it can hide most of my uneven skin tone (reddish patch on some parts of my skin + brown spots left behind by my pimples).. Although it covers imperfections well, the BB cream stays natural and make my skin look more radiant.. ¬†Best of all, my skin feels softer after i removed my make up (i guess it is the Blue complex at work!)… So far no breakouts or any adverse reactions as i have used it for a few times and with proper make-up remover, it won’t clog pores. Because my skin will become very oily after a few hours, i cannot comment much on the oil control function of this BB cream as i did not use a primer prior application… But what i can say will be that the BB cream doesn’t feels heavy on my skin at all times.. Lastly, i really love BB cream nice jasmine scent and it feels as if i’m wearing jasmine flowers on my face. ūüėÄ

As you can see from my picture below, the BB cream matches my skin tone very well and it looks so natural… If you are looking for a light-weighted BB cream suitable for¬†sensitive¬†skin, please do not wait any longer and try out the Jasmine water BB cream soon.

The BRTC BB cream Line is exclusively sold at S$32 each in selected SaSa Stores…. Do try it out and let me know how it fares..

Have a great week everyone! ūüôā