All about Theraclear Acne Therapy and More on the 1st & 2nd Session!

As mentioned in my earlier post, i’m suspecting that my recent bad jawline breakout is due to hormonal imbalance + TCM (chinese medication)… The ‘heatiness’ of the medication has also led to big acne forming on the sides of my face, my cheeks & temples *FML!! I have taken actions trying to reduce the breakouts (like drinking more water, deep cleanse, using products meant for acne-prone skin and exfoliate / usage of deep purifying mask more often) but the results are unsatisfactory!! To make things worse, my sensitive skin started peeling due to some of the products and some areas were feeling raw + dry + itchy!!

I know the condition is bad so please don’t judge me 😦

My morale is low and i’m feeling very down because of this! How i wish that there will be a fast solution to treat my skin issues.. I do not wish to go back to medications and harsh creams due to the side effects! Moreover, i’m TTC-ing so i don’t wish to  risk anything!

Every cloud has a silver lining and i was invited by Innomed Asia (together with CozyCot) to review the Theraclear Acne Therapy. Innomed Asia is a distributor for American & European medical equipments for beauty & aesthetics industry headquartered in Singapore with presence in Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia. Innomed offers a wide range of technologically advanced lasers, pulsed-light, radio-frequency, acoustic waves, skin analysis & imaging, weight-management, rehabilitation and holistic exercise systems and professional skin care products.

TheraClear is Innomed’s latest breakthrough Acne Therapy innovation which combines the Dual Power of Vacuum and Light Treatment for treating / controlling acne skin conditions. With Immediate Results (FDA cleared for most types of mild to severe acne), it helps to treat mild to moderate inflammatory acne including acne vulgaris, Comedonal acne and Pustular acne. After the treatment, you will expect to see visible improvement within 24 – 48 hours post treatment.. Treatment will only take about 10 minutes and is painless!


Photo from Innomed’s FB

My referral media – Innomed & Cozycot has arranged for me to experience the Theraclear Acne Therapy to be administered by Dr. Janice Khoo over at Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery. Located at 10 Sinaran Drive, the Rafflesian Clinic & Surgery is located on the 11th floor (unit no 06) of Novena Medical Centre Square 2 (Postal code 307506). Located near to town, Novena Medical Centre is connected to Novena MRT station and it is highly accessible by both MRT & buses.

Operating hours:

Monday to Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:00 pm
Sunday and Public holidays: Closed

Tel: 63382740

Upon stepping into the clinic, i was greeted warmly and welcomed by Diana (the clinic assistant) who assisted me in the registration process. Registration was done fast (despite the clinic being crowded on a Saturday) and i was told to fill up my particulars + medical history. Do take note to book an appointment before coming down to make sure that you won’t have to wait too long for your turn (especially on Saturday).

Registration counter

Atmosphere of the Clinic

The size of the clinic is on the small side but it is so clean and tidy! Upon stepping in, there’s a spa / resort feel and the clinic atmosphere is warm, pleasant and relaxed.  No tense and stress atmosphere which associates with most medical clinic and dental clinic, Yay! The warm, cozy and bright lights puts me at ease even further. The Balinese style furnishing and decoration gave the place a lush, resort and relaxing look. Love the ratten chairs @ the waiting area especially!! If you are bored during waiting, there’s books and magazines to keep you entertained.

The waiting area

The waiting area

Treatment and Doctor’s Room

On your first appointment, a detailed skin analysis will be done by the clinic assistant using the Visia Skin complexion analysis machine.

Visia uses multi-spectral imaging and analysis to capture and reveal key visual information on and beneath the surface of the skin that is not visible to the human eye. Evaluation of the health and appearance for six areas affecting complexion health and appearance (Wrinkles, spots, pores, evenness, porphyrins (evidence of bacteria in pores) and UV spots (photo-damaging from overexposure of skin)) will be done on the side + front profile of your face.

Skin Analysis before Consultation and Treatment!

Through the VISIA complexion analysis, your own skin analysis’ result will also be compared to other women of the same age and ethnicity. Both the detailed description of your skin analysis and informative comparison enables the dermatologist to gain additional insight about your skin to present the optimal treatments and regimens best for you.

The skin analysis revealed that my skin was in a poor state – With obvious wrinkles, pores, skin unevenness and redness! Worst of all, the % of sun damage (UV spots) is relatively high and i must take more effort to protect my skin (by reapplying sunblock from time to time, which i don’t adhere by) against the harmful UV rays..

After the skin analysis, i met up with Dr Janice Khoo for pre-treatment consultation and assessment..  Told her more about my  lifestyle, skin history, skin issue and condition so that she can recommend appropriate procedures for me. After taking a look at my skin and skin analysis, she told me that the main trigger points for my acne condition are due to sensitive skin (made worse by consuming oral medication in the past), high sebum production (excess sebum and dead skin clogging pores) and squeezing of pimples (pushing the bacteria deeper into skin causing it to spread + skin scarring). To control my skin imperfections without any form of harsh medication / creams, 3-4 sessions of the Theraclear Acne Therapy will be needed to deep cleanses pores by extracting sebaceous material inside and ending with broadband light to reduce oil production and kill bacteria.

Also told her that i am currently TTC-ing but she reassured me that the Theraclear Acne Therapy is safe for all, gentle and it will be good for those with persistent  stubborn acne conditions. Just what i need to target all the trigger points!

About Theraclear Acne Therapy Machine & Technology

As mentioned earlier, the Theraclear Acne Therapy machine makes use of advanced vacuum and broadband light to keep pores clean and to control acne skin condition.

Theraclear Acne Therapy is the latest innovative technology that treats multiple causes of acne in one single treatment. It provide instant results in reducing acne bacteria,  hyperactive sebaceous glands and blocked pores. With the recommended sessions (4-5 sessions for most), the treatment will reduce redness in surrounding lesion, drying + flattening of lesions, reduction in skin oiliness and visible reduction in pore size.

Benefits of Theraclear Acne Therapy include:

1) No pain; No downtime
2) Fast 10 minute treatment
3) Noticeable visible improvement after 1st treatment (within 24-48 hours post treatment)
4) Effective on mild to moderate inflammatory acne, commodenal and pustular acne.
5) Requires no pre-treatment gels or anesthetics
6) Personal treatment insert maintains hygiene & reduces risk of cross contamination
7) The unique skin cooling system keeps skin comfortable
8) FDA approved to treat all skin types including darker skinned patients.

Different intensity – vacuum and broadband light

Theraclear hand piece

Compared to other forms of medication and treatments, Theraclear Acne Therapy is able to improve skin condition without any side effects. It will be highly recommended for people who wants:

– Faster & Immediate response for acne, oily or large pores skin condition
– Antibiotic resistant patients
– Non-responders to other therapies
– Effective yet painless treatment process
– Choose to avoid systemic treatments for acne such as oral antibiotics (and its side effects)
– Patients who have antibiotics concerns
– Women with hormonally induced acne who choose to avoid the systemic treatments


During the Theraclear Acne Therapy, the ‘shots’ administered consists of 2 actions:

Vacuum: Deep cleanses the pore by extracting the buildup of sebaceous material.

Broadband Light: Along with targeting heating of the dermis, the endogenous effect of light activates porphryns to destroy P. acnes and reduces sebum production.

The Theraclear hand piece will be first placed on skin and skin will be drawn into treatment tip. ‘Cleansing’ will begin and acne causing impurities will be extracted. Next, concentrated lights will treat the skin and destroys acne causing bacteria. The lights will also calm inflammation and reduce acne causing oil production.


Photo from Innomed’s FB

The Process

Over the phone, Diana told me not to apply anything on my skin prior the treatment.. Hence, if you are wearing makeup, you will have to remove it before the treatment. Till date, Dr Janice has adminstered 2 treatments on me in a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment!

As i have clogged pores, acne, pimples and excess sebum secretion all over my face, Dr Janice has to administer the ‘shots’  all over my face. A total of 88 PAIN-FREE shots are done during each treatment session and there’s basically no down time.

P/S: Do note that i have thin and sensitive skin. Just merely pressing it and washing it will cause redness. WIll be showing you the pictures from the first treatment session. 🙂

To begin the treatment, i have to first cleanse my skin while Dr Janice will clean the Theraclear Hand Piece. Once ready, the Hand Piece will be positioned to make full contact with treatment area.

After which, there will be a suction force and the cleansing process will begin.  Deep cleansing of pores will begin by extracting build up of sebaceous material. Sebum, dead skin cells and bacteria will be extracted from deep within the pores.


Suction and Vacuum!

Once deep cleansing is done and extraction of excess sebaceous material is done, treating commences.  Broadband light will be emitted from the hand piece and along with targeting heating of the dermis, light activates porphryns to destroy P. acnes, acne causing bacteria and reduces sebum production.

All i felt during this process was just mild heating sensation with no pain! The above steps will be repeated on all parts of the face and the whole treatment process only took 10-15 minutes.

After Theraclear Acne Therapy, Diana cleaned the oil / excessive sebum / Dead-skin ‘vacuumed’ from my skin using a sonic cleansing tool.. See the amount of JUNK removed!! 

Impurities and excess sebum built up!

Dead skin!

Oil seeds!

Post treatment feelings after the first two treatments:

General feeling during the treatment and after treatment: 

During the treatment, all i felt was Dr Janice pressing down on my skin gently with the hand piece then followed by a mild suction force and heat sensation… Once the machine gave off a ‘beep’ sound, Dr Janice moved on to another area and the same procedure follows. There wasn’t any form of pain and discomfort at all so no anesthetics or gel were needed… Per session, about 88 shots were being administered and the whole therapy took 10 minutes.. After which, cleansing using the sonic tool would take about 5 minutes and you would be ready to go…

I would say that the Theraclear Acne Therapy can be deemed as a ‘lunch-time procedure’ – meaning that it will be done within 15 minutes, you can return to office, resume work and no one will know that you did something to your face.. 😡 Since there’s no pain and no harshness, downtime is ZERO and it is safe on all skin types!

In fact, my skin appears to be calmer straight after the 2nd treatment.. 1st benefit from the therapy will be calmer skin, less redness and more even skin texture.

Secondly, i realized that the amount of oil secretion has reduced by at least 30%.. Normally at the end of the day, my skin will feel very heavy and appears to be very greasy.. My hubby will always be nagging at me to wash my face as it looks really oily.. After the 2nd treatment, my skin don’t feels as heavy and the amount of oil secretion has reduced! Last check with my hubby, he also thinks that my skin is less greasy as compared to before.

Thirdly, the amount of clogged pores and bumps on my face have reduced (especially on my jawline and the sides of my face)! Picture don’t lie so see the results for yourself.. 🙂

The big painful acne right smacked on the center of my face decided to ‘harvest’ in the midst of the 2nd treatment (right after the vacuum and light, the clogged oil seed decided to come out). Have to say that the therapy helps to speed up on the recovery process of my acne / pimples. I’m still having breakouts but it seems to have slow down and clears up faster. I guess the reduction in oil-secretion contributes to lesser clogged pores and breakouts! Previously i was on Accutane (with many side effects) and the purpose of the medicine is to shrink the oil grands. But once i stopped it, the oil production level went back to normal and the breakouts came back. I’m glad to have found a safe alternative to reduce my oil secretion level! 🙂

For more information on Theraclear Acne Therapy, do click on this LINK

On a side note, i will be in Taiwan from 16 September to 23 September hence taking a short break from blogging.. You can follow me on Instagram / Facebook as I will be posting some updates via these social media platforms!

I’m so looking forward to the 3th and 4th session after my holidays.. Will be back to update you on the progress soon.

Meanwhile, take care and God Bless!

* Disclaimer: Theraclear Acne Therapy’s information is extracted from Theraclear’s website and Results might vary among individuals.

(Event) Introduction to the world of BIONIKE!

Hello everyone, i’m back with an update on a branding event which i have attended few months back @ The Chameleon Club Lounge, 22 Dempsey..  Way overdue i know 😡 but better late than never.. 🙂

Bionike is founded by ICIM International (an Italian company) during the 1930s as a pharmaceutical business.  The brand was created by Loris Agostinini, a brilliant entrepreneur and pharmacist who, in the ‘60s, realised how useful cosmetics could be for the dermatologist.  BIONIKE is available in over 20 countries and becoming ever more popular in Italy.

Bionike – “BIO”= LIFE “NIKE”= VICTORY and the brand believes in  healthy skin is a beautiful skin. Beauty intended as caring for ourselves, our HEALTH and our WELL-BEING.  BioNike specialises in the research, formulation, production and marketing of dermocosmetics for sensitive, allergic and reactive skin, ideal for both treating and preventing skin conditions.

BIONIKE’S products are formulated using the latest active ingredients and it is Nickel tested (nickel in traces lower than 0.00001%), Preservative freeFragrance free and Gluten free. Products are all tested in vitro on a model replicating features and reactions of human skin clinically under medical control scientific research, innovation and high quality standards.

As mentioned earlier, BIONIKE‘s products are developed with allergen-free philosophy for the treatment of sensitive, allergic and hyperreactive skin.


Preservatives are widely used in food and consumer products which are among the main causes of allergic reactions. The European Regulations on cosmetic products limits their use, establishing the maximum concentrations over which they cannot be used. All products of the BIONIKE’s Triderm, Defence, Shine On and Proxera ranges are therefore formulated without preservatives.


There is a lot of literature showing that perfume is a primary allergen for ACD (Allergic Contact Dermatitis). The cosmetic legislation, in order to enhance end-user safety, has identified a number of potentially allergenic ingredients commonly found in perfumes, which now the law requires to be printed on the product label. Triderm, Defence and Proxera ranges do not contain perfume at all to avoid the risk of potential allergies. Only in a few cases does Bionike include a perfume in its products. In this latter case, the perfume included is a new generation fragrance that will always be free of those aforesaid perfume allergen.


Recent scientific studies have shown that the application of cosmetic formulations containing gluten and gluten components may cause skin alterations, especially in allergy-prone, sensitive skin subjects. All raw materials used in Bionike’s Triderm, Defence, Shine On, Proxera and ONails products are therefore carefully selected to exclude any gluten source.


Even residual nickel content can, especially in allergy-prone individuals, lead to allergic reactions or sensitisation. Thus each production batch is analyzed to ensure a nickel content lower than 0.00001%. All products in the Triderm, Defence, Shine On, Proxera and ONails ranges guarantee a level of nickel reduced to 0.00001%, that is 10 times lower than the lowest reaction threshold identified in the literature, while each product of the Defence Color make-up lines is developed to ensure that, not only nickel, but also chromium and cobalt are not released onto skin by the cosmetic matrix. To achieve this objective, each production batch undergoes rigorous laboratory tests.

Under the BioNike brand, ICIM markets a comprehensive range of lines to offer all possible cosmetic solutions to customers. These lines are supported extensively by doctors, who prescribe them to their patients. In Singapore, here are some of the different product lines available to consumers.


A range of treatment and cleansing products for treatment for seborrheic, acne-prone skin. This range will normalise sebum production and control the thickening of the stratum corneum, skin’s outermost layer. With soothing, redness-reducing ingredients, anti-bacterial agents and the use of mattifying substance, it helps to control bacterial growth, attenuate skin oiliness and therefore limit the development of acne.

Products in the Acteen line includes:

1) Acteen –Rebalancing Cleansing Water

Soft water-foam for the daily, gentle cleansing of seborrheic, acne-prone skin. Staying gentle on skin, it effectively cleanses skin and soothe inflammation and kills bacteria.

2) Acteen – Purifying Cleansing Gel

Rinse-off, foaming gel for skin-purifiying and deep cleansing of oily, impure, pre-acneic skin. The cleansing gel has natural jojoba beads and non-aggressive surfactants to effectively clean skin without irritation.

3) Acteen – Hydramat Sebum – Normalising Cream

The cream has a special microporous texture which absorbs excess sebum and effectively regulates skin, purify it while mattifying it.

4) Acteen – Quick Pen Anti-imperfection

Intensive local treatment to help to get rid off skin blemishes more rapidly.

5) Acnet Crema

This treatment cream for the topical treatment of light to moderate acne performs a sebum normalising, keratolytic action to prevent the formation of pustules and local inflammation conditions. It also facilitates the elimination of comedones and cleansing of the sebaceous follicles.

DEFENCE line includes all facial and body cosmetic treatments developed for the protection, defence and beauty of skin, suiting even very sensitive skin.

BioNike’s solution for dark spots is Defence BLucent, an effective multi-active strategy to achieve even and radiant skin. The range contains a combination of a number of ingredients that work on different levels of  melanin formation process and promotes natural cell renewal process. The combination of specially selected ingredients will counter melanin production, prevents the transfer of melanin from melanocytes to the surrounding skin cells, fade dark spots and stimulate cell turnover.

Products in the Defence BLucent line includes:

1) Preparation – Defence B-Lucent Day Peeling

Creamy, rinse-off cleanser that removes impurities, gently exfoliate skin to provide immediate freshness and radiance. The special formulation is based on polyhydroxy acids, effective in modulating the keratinisation process, favouring cell turnover and providing hydration.

2) Intensive treatment – Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Concentrate

Provides radiance and reduces dark spots with regular use. It contains a special blend of active ingredients to work on melanin production, countering the onset of hyperpigmentation. It also has SPF 15 s to even out the complexion and protects the skin from daily sun exposure.

3) Defence B-Lucent Roll-on Focus

Local, intensive, treatment that favours a more rapid attenuation of dark spots. The special ingredients included achieve a double effect to provide an immediate exfoliating action and attenuate melanin production.

5) Defence B-Lucent Skin-Evening Hands Cream SPF20

Richly textured, yet easily absorbed, protects skin and immediately makes it softer. Daily use helps to reduce the number and extension of dark spots and prevents their formation, also thanks to the sun filter included (SPF20).

Defence Tolerance is BioNike’s solution for very sensitive and reactive skin. Formulations include a low number of carefully selected ingredients which will reduce skin redness and irritation, protects it from oxidative stress, countering free radicals and promotes skin repair mechanisms.

Products in the Defence Tolerance  line includes:

1) Defence Tolerance Soothing Droplets

Highly tolerable formulation enriched with panthenol, which has skin repairing properties, and calendula distilled water, which soothes skin and counters redness. A must-have product which can be used when needed to provide instant relief to skin.

2) Defence Tolerance – Essential Cleansing Water

Based on a formulation that includes very few ingredients, it is ideal for cleansing delicate and very sensitive skin.
Having no aggressive surfactants, it preserves the hydrolipid skin barrier and helps to prevent skin redness and cracking.

3) Defence Tolerance 100 – Protective and reinforcing bace cream

Soft cream based on carefully selected ingredients, developed to protect sensitive/hypersensitive skin and actively prevent skin dryness. The light texture makes it ideal as a base for make-up and also recommended to prepare skin before aesthetic treatments.

4) Defence Tolerance 200 – Ultra-protective and reinforcing bace cream

Highly tolerable, polifunctional, daily treatment that provides strong protection and reinforcement to the natural defences of sensitive/hypersensitive skin. Also recommended as a base for makeup, nourishes and repairs skin.

For people who needs a solution for their dry skin, the BioNike Defence Hydra5 will be the answer! This product range will be suitable for moisturising dehydrated, sensitive, easily irritated skin prone to allegies. At the same time, it will even out and illuminate skin of the face.

Products in the Defence Hydra5  line includes:

1) Illuminating Moisturising Cream SPF15 

Soft-textured, moisturising cream developed to work as a BB cream. It has a light, silky texture that evens out the complexion with a natural veil. Includes special micronised pigments that provide an even effect to skin and hide imperfection.

2) Illuminating Moisturising Cream SPF15

Moisturises, strengthens, energises skin and protects it from free radical damage, helping to prevent early ageing signs. Also includes special soft focus powders enhancing face radiance. Because of its light texture, it can be used as make-up base

3) Intensive Moisturising Fluid 

With a fresh and light texture, this fluid instantly quenches skin’s thirst, providing deep, long-lasting moisturisation and increasing skin’s natural ability to retain water. Hyaluronic acid, included at high concentrations and in 5 active forms, combined with an anti-oxidant phyto-complex, strengthens and energises skin, protecting it from free radical damage and helping to prevent early ageing signs.

4) Multi-active moisturising cream 

Richly textured and nicely melting into skin, this cream moisturises and improves skin’s natural ability to retain water. Skin of the face will immediately feel smoother and softer.

At the event, we also witnessed the launch of BioNike’s latest range – DEFENCE ELIXAGE, a range of treatments to respond to many ever-changing needs of ageing skin.  It has a cutting edge formulation that combines the exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E complex, a true concentrate of energy with a blend of precious emollient ingredients to strongly revitalise skin through an Elixir of Youth effect.


Products in the Defence Elixage line include:

1) Anti-ageing Mask Intense – 50 ml vase

Suitable for all skin types, the ultra-creamy formula enriched with precious dermo-protective oils and exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E. complex will energize and revitalize skin having. Also containing fruit-derived plant extracts, it provides the skin with deep moisturisation and radiance. With regular use, it will comfort skin and make it smoother, firmer, radiant while fine lines are attenuated.

2) Eye-Lip Balm Contour – 15 ml vase

Intensive treatment suitable for ageing skin that appears dull with skin sagging and wrinkles, this 2-in-1 product nourishes the delicate, thin eye and lip contour areas. It provides an immediately perceived filler effect with exclusive Subli-F.A.C.E ingredient complex works on all ageing signs, leaving skin toned and supple.

3) REGENERATING FLUID Elixir – 30 ml bottle

Intensive treatment for all skin types to counter ageing signs. With a silky, skin-embracing texture, it contains high concentrate of vital energy based on Subli-F.A.C.E. – a well-balanced and functional blend of biotechnological active ingredients, stabilized vitamins and potent anti-oxidants, which stimulates the natural production of structural skin components, promotes natural skin regeneration and strengthens its defence mechanisms. Day after day, skin appears smoother and more compact, expression lines are softened and the face is left radiantly alive.

4) Regenerating Cream Satin – 50 ml vase

An Intensive anti-ageing treatment suiting normal and combination skin, this cream has an ultra-sensorial, light and satin texture. With Subli-F.A.C.E ingredient complex, biotechnologically developed polysaccharides with vitamin factors and potent plant antioxidant agents to provide a triple anti-ageing effect: promote skin’s natural regeneration mechanism, enhance repair processes and counter damage from free radicals. Skin is left toned, smoother, radiantly alive and appears as regenerated, wrinkles are softened and facial features are more defined.

5) Nutri-regenerating Cream Velours – 50 ml vase

ideal for dry skin, this rich and velvety texture anti-ageing intensive treatment cream will enhance skin’s regeneration, self-repair ability and counters damage from free radicals. The formula is based on the exclusive complex Subli-F.A.C.E., biotechnological active ingredients, a concentrate of skin-strengthening vitamin factors, plant antioxidants and lipid ingredients to provide instant and long-lasting comfort even to very dry and aged skin. Skin is left smooth, toned and radiant and appears as regenerated: wrinkles are softened and facial features are more defined.

BIONIKE’s products are available exclusively at The Spa-Lon and selected Guardian outlets

* Disclaimer: Products Descriptions & information are extracted from BioNike’s website / Presskit

(Announcement) Help Spread Love + Joy + Happiness with Kiehl’s!

Hello everyone, how’s your weekend? Hope you had your well-deserved rest! 🙂

Last Saturday, i attended a meaningful event organized by Kiehl’s! (Thank you Nicolette for the invitation~). Ever since 1851, Kiehl’s has been dedicated to serve both patrons and communities and standing true to its philanthropic tradition of supporting children’s charities. Maintaining its long-standing tradition of supporting children’s causes by raising awareness and funds to create safer, more positive environments for children, Kiehl’s has collaborated with Elle Singapore4 Socially Responsible Celebrity Partners in Support of Autism Association (Singapore) to create more awareness!

Some Back Ground Info on the Autism Association (extracted from the Presskit):

‘The Autism Association (Singapore) was founded by a group of parents concerned about inadequate provision for their children who have been diagnosed with autism in August 1992. The Association aims to initiate, organize and support provision of a broad spectrum of services for people with autism in Singapore. Such services encompass education, vocational and life skills training and residential care.

Over the last 20 years, Autism Association (Singapore) has grown to be one of the oldest and largest Autism Voluntary Welfare Organisations (VWO) in Singapore. The association’s services include two Children’s Centres, one Day Activity Centre for adults and one Pre-Vocational Training Centre. The two Children’s Centre located at Simei and Clementi provide a structured teaching environment where an Individualized Educational Plan (IEP) is tailored and implemented to meet the needs of 80 students aged 2 to 6 years’

Top 3 Myths About Children with Autism

#1: They wish to avoid social contact– They are in fact very keen to make friends, but find it difficult due to their condition.

#2: They have special talent or “savant skill”–  Only about 10% of them display special talent. The rest perform better in certain areas that are not consistent with their overall level of ability.

#3: They show special affection- They can and do give affection, but it requires a parent’s patience to accept and give love on the child’s terms.

In conjunction with its yearly philanthropic initiative, Kiehl’s is proud to extend its relationship with the Autism Association (Singapore) this July 2013. 100% of the nett proceeds from the sale of the Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque (142g) will be donated to raise awareness for the children.

This year’s local charity initiative is a unique collaboration with ELLE Singapore and four celebrity partners, George Young (FLY Entertainment Artiste), Michelle Chong (Director/Host/Actress) , Mike Kasem and Jean Danker (Class95 Radio DJs). Three Limited Edition designs will be adorning the caps of the Rare Earth Masques which will be on sale from 1st July 2013 at $45 each.

If you are thinking of doing something for a good cause, you can consider getting the Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque.. Beside keeping your skin clean and health with the mask, you can also blessing children from the children’s causes at the same time.. 🙂

Sharon Lim, Editor-in-Chief of ELLE shares her thoughts on this charity initiative:

‘We are honored to be the first magazine in Singapore to collaborate with Kiehl’s on this amazing annual charity project — especially with ELLE Singapore celebrating its 20th anniversary in Singapore this year. ELLE and Kiehl’s Gives Back chose to focus on women with autistic children, a group that is often under the radar and one that we feel needs our help and support’

Kiehl’s Tree of Love

Here’s the three Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masques designed by the four celebrities:

Yellow – Designed by George Young

Blue – Designed by Mike Kasem & Jean Danker

Pink – Designed by Michelle Chong

George Young’s design for the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque features a flower with 100 petals and out of which, there’s one blue petal. It symbolizes “one in 100” as around the world, 1 in every 100 children is diagnosed with autism.

‘Autism is something very close to my heart. I’ve got two brothers who’ve been diagnosed with autism, one on the severe side and one on the moderate to severe side on the autism spectrum. It was an obvious choice for me. I worked with Kiehl’s last year on this, and I’m glad to work with Kiehl’s and ELLE this year as well. I hope the products sell really well and get money for the Autism Association here in Singapore’. – George Young, FLY Entertainment Artist

Michelle Chong’s design shows us what’s important to her in attaining peace – Love, Joy and Happiness. By showing your support in purchasing this limited edition are Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque, you will be able to ‘send’ Love, Joy and Happiness to the autistic children. 🙂

My friend’s niece is autistic. Every time I went to her house she would run around after her shower and wouldn’t want to wear her clothes, but she’s very good with languages. So I think it’s important to help all these kids because they’re all special in their own right.’ – Michelle Chong, Director/ Host/ Actress

Music is close to both Jean Danker’s and Mike Kasem’s heart and hence their design features what they do for a living.. Through their profession, they hope to spread awareness for autism and abundant of Love, Joy and Happiness to everyone.

This is a really creative way of creating awareness for autism in Singapore. We had a lot of fun designing for Kiehl’s – Jean Danker, Class95 Radio DJ

‘I have first-hand experience of close friends who have an autistic child, so for me this is close to my heart and very special to me, and I’m very glad Jean and I can do our part and help with autism. – Mike Kasem, Class95 Radio DJ

Besides being limited edition, the Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque is also something effective to purify skin intensively, deeply cleanse pores and minimize pores. Suitable for Normal to oily skin, this cleansing masque help eliminate debris and dead surface skin-cell accumulation that can clog pores and leave skin dull-looking.

The main ingredient, Amazonian White Clay  is fairly traded and sourced from Marajo Island, located at the mouth of the Amazon River in Brazil. This nutrient-rich clay used in our Rare Earth Masque is the result of a fair trade partnership which helps provide economic support to local communities on the island. This main ingredient will purify, detoxify the skin, remove bacteria, toxins, excess oil and dead cells that can clog skin and result in enlarged pores.

Other ingredients include:

Bentonite – Natural, absorbent clay.
Oat Kernel Flour – Known to aid in the absorption of surface oil.
Aloe Barbadensis – From the Aloe Vera plant; known for its soothing effect.

Limited Edition Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque (142g), $45.. Postcards and Pouch not included 🙂

Besides standing true to its philanthropic tradition of supporting children’s charities, Kiehl’s also stands by its standards for Fairly-Traded sourcing.

In the nutshell, Kiehl’s complies with fair trade practices by

– Creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged workers and fostering a work environment that is healthy and safe

– Paying a fair price for the raw materials sourced in the community and assuring that their suppliers do the same

– Making certain the materials and processes used in the production of products do not damage the environment and that what is used is replaced, recycled, or restored.

Kiehl’s – We care!~

Other than Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque , the other products in the Rare Earth Range will keep pores clean and shrink unsightly pores. The entire Rare Earth range is formulated with Amazonian White Clay and Diatomaceous Earth particles to gently banish oil, dirt and toxins that can clog pores. When used regularly, your skin will thank you as the potential benefits of this natural ingredient will bring about skin detoxification and minimization of pores.

The Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Collection that includes Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily
Cleanser (Exfoliates and Detoxifies), Rare Earth Pore Refining Tonic (Mattifies Skin and Minimizes Pores) , Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion (Minimizes Enlarged Pores and Refines Skin Texture) and Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque (Intensively Purifies to Minimize Pores).

Kiehl’s Since 1851 is available at:

Robinsons Raffles City t: 6338-3457 | VivoCity #01-11/12 t: 6376-9017 | TANGS Beauty at TANGS Orchard t:
6732-5394 | Tampines Mall #01-29 t: 6785-7610 | Takashimaya S.C., Ngee Ann City, #B1-33 t: 6732-9695 |
ION Orchard #B3-54 T: 6509-8941 | Plaza Singapura #01-66 t:6454-3457 | Parkway Parade #01-K2 t:
63461276| Bugis Junction #01-13 t:63369022| Great World City #01-16 t: 6735 3755 | Suntec City #01-321

(Sponsored Review) Presenting “Floral Notes” – May’s VanityTrove

Hello Everyone! I’m back from my short break from blogging and hope everyone have a good rest during the long weekend! 🙂

I’m finally done with my big day (aka wedding) and i shall tell you more soon! Alright, let’s get back to the agenda – VanityTrove (May’s Edition)! I know I’m very late in the updates but its better late than never.. 🙂

May’s edition of is built on ‘floral’ theme. Known as “Floral Notes“, May’s trove is all about celebrating the arrival of Spring and blooming of flowers which symbolizes life, sweetness and warmth!

I’m having a craze over floral items nowadays and hence always on the lookout for floral apparel and shoes! Just a few hours ago, i almost purchased another floral pants but my husband stopped me as he said that i have a similar looking one.. -__-

In my May’s Trove – ‘Floral Notes’, I’m delighted to see the following items:

Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt (Rose & Peach)

Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel

Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV

Lunamer Brightener

Bach Rescue Pastilles (Black Currant)

GO60 mask (Hydrate Treatment Masque)

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash

Each edition of the trove comes with a monthly Vanity magazine whereby you will find articles related to beauty, fashion, hair care and special promotions etc… In the May’s edition, i spotted many pretty floral prints dresses which I really loveeee! Not forgetting the DIY nail art whereby you can create the look at the comfort of your own home.. The magazine also serves as a good companion while you mask (you can give the GO60 mask a try!)

In the magazine, there’s a coupon whereby you can redeem a 3 pcs travel sized kit (consists of Lunamer Clear wash (5g), Lotion 1 (30ml) and Emulsion 1 (20ml)). Validity is till 31 May so hope you have already made the redemption..

Aqua Rine Japanese Bath Aroma Bath Sea Salt (Rose & Peach)

First item that caught my attention will be the travel size Bath Salt which makes it handy to carry it around. The aroma sea salt (comes in fine and coarse salt versions) helps to exfoliate dead skin cells and cleanse your skin to make it smooth and wrinkle free. The peach bath sea salt will help with skin’s detoxification and reduces signs of aging with special peace leaf ingredients. The rose bath salt contains rose oil which smells heavenly white tingly scent of rose which invigorate and rejuvenate skin to improve radiance.

RSP for full size item: Peach – $10.80 (400g), Rose – $9.80 (400g)

Prior to my wedding, i gave my skin a good scrub with the Rose Bath Salt.. Prefer using it on wet skin as i have sensitive skin and don’t want to create too much fricition while scrubbing..  The bath salt has a soothing rose scent which doesn’t smell artificial.. The bath salt does not cause any tingling sensation and stays gentle on skin (Previously i have tried another brand of bath salt and it stung my skin!). The bath salt will dissolve when it comes into contact with skin + heat + water..After rinsing it off, skin feels soft, smooth and supple!

Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel

Nuxe has a gentle skincare range with rose petals to cater for people with sensitive skin…  There’s 4 products in the gentle skincare range – Melting Cleansing Gel, Gentle Toning Lotion, Clarifying Cream Mask and Gentle Exfoliating Gel. The Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel found in the trove helps to clarify and purify skin while it cleanses skin and reduces skin tightness. Have yet to give this a try but i will come to it soon (after reviewing another 2 cleansers).. hahaha!

RSP for full size item: Nuxe Fondant Cleansing Gel – $28 (125ml)

Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV

My favorite item in the trove – the Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV!! I love it so much that i have already squeezed dry half of the tube… Kose is one of my favorite brand due to its quality products like the cleansing oil, mask white, clear lotion and makeup base etc..  The new addition to the sunscreen family – the Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV has an emulsion-like texture which helps protects skin’s translucency, firmness and resilience. The formula also has a highly adhesive base that spreads smoothly over the face and keep skin moisturized.

RSP for full size item: Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV – $54 (30g)

Personally, i love sunscreen with high SPF with non-oily texture and something that does not leave any white cast behind.. Kose Infinity Deep Protection UV is able to meet my requirements plus keeping my dehydrated skin well-moisturized!

No white cast after application!

Lunamer Brightener

If you want brighter and smoother complexion, the star product in the Lunamer skincare range, the Lunamer Brightener is highly recommended. The brightner is an energising beauty essence that will boost skin’s radiance by removing keratin (that causes skin dullness). It contains the highest amount of clear Nanovitamin E in the Lunamer series which means that it can better recharge skin and improve active skin cell renewals for better collagen synthesis. When applied, the hydrating formula will lock in moisture and maintain supple and dewy skin.

RSP for full size item: Lunamer Brightener – $60 (100ml)

Bach Rescue Pastilles

Feeling stress? Just pop the Bach Rescue Pastilles (Alcohol & Sugar-free) to sooth your nerves and restore inner calm, control and focus. Made from natural remedies of flower essences, the pastilles are power-packed with goodness to provide you with some relief amidst your hectic life-style

RSP for full size item: Bach Rescue Pastilles – $18.90 for 1 tin

The pastilles reminds me of Ricola candy but a less sweet version.. It has a nice blueberry flavour that doesn’t a weird medicine taste and it soothes my dry throat…..

GO60 mask

GO60 is a spa concept boutique by beauty and wellness chain Mary Chia. Located at Esplanade Xchange, it offers quality treatments at affordable prices with a series of facial masks. Was given The Go hydrate! in the trove and this mask will be the lifesaver for my dehydrated skin as it will quench my thirsty skin while locking in moisture.

RSP – $60 for 5 pcs

At $12 per piece, the mask is on the expensive side but worth the $$. I left it on overnight and i woke up with supple and soft skin! Material of the mask is good and fit is good so you need not worry about it tearing while you sleep.. Will recommend it if you have an important occasion and need a quick skin fix (since the mask is expensive)!

Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash

Last item in the trove will be the Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash which will reactivate and maintain the health of the skin in the genital region. Specially formulated to regulate feminine hygiene at an optimal pH value of 3.8, the Sebamed Feminine wash is also effective against pathogenic micro-organisms. And beyond its calming properties,  this lotion stays gentle, soothing and moisturizing on our intimate area.. The Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash has a thick gel consistency and it will turn milky upon lathering.. It cleanse well while staying gentle but i don’t quite like the ‘woody’ scent of this intimate wash..

RSP for full size item: Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash $17.45 (200ml)

After reading my updates, i hope you are motivated to get your own box of beautiful surprises every month too! I’m always looking forward to giving myself some love with my own monthly trove 🙂

Sign up for Vanity Trove at $25 a month here and begin your journey to monthly surprises and fun!

(Event) Power-charge your skin with the power of CU & CA – Introducing Kielh’s Powerful Wrinkle and Pore Reducing Cream & Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream

Cu – Do you remember this chemical element in the periodic table??

If you have answered ‘Copper’, Bingo!!! Copper is used extensively in our daily life such as for energy generation purposes, in building products and electrical parts …

Copper can also be found in our body and it is something we cannot live without…This metallic element together with amino acid, fatty acids and vitamins (Micronutrients**) are required to support body’s normal metabolic processes. On an average, the adult body contains between 1.4 and 2.1mg of copper per kg of body weight. Hence, a healthy human weighing 60kg will have about a tenth of one gramme of copper..

It is important to know that human body cannot synthesise copper and hence it is a must to consume copper-rich food such as brans, fruits (like blackberries & guavas), mushrooms, boiled potatoes and tomato etc to supply the body with regular amounts for absorption.

**Micronutrients include minerals such as copper and calcium. Micronutrients also include vitamins such as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, folic acid, niacin and riboflavin.

~ Information from and Kielh’s presskit


Image credits to

Likewise for the skin, Micronutrients are required in order to maintain youthful skin… Because these Micronutrients cannot be produced by the body but is essential to the body, Kiehl’s chemists have developed a formulation built to improve the appearance of aging skin. By harnessing copper and calcium (in the form of Copper PCA and Calcium PCA), these highly health beneficial ingredients will delay signs of aging by fighting  wrinkles and enlarged pores.

Want youthful skin, reach out to CU (copper)!

Few weeks ago, Kielh’s has invited me to pre-launch bloggers’ event whereby we were introduced to their new powerful line of ‘copper-filled’ anti-aging products (Thank you Nicolette & Team!)

Event was held at Fullerton Bay Hotel’s floating Pod and i couldn’t stop wow-ing at the nice scenery! Picturesque isn’t it? Was telling my fiance that i was dying for a staycation here but upon checking out the rates, the price tag is hefty! Oh well, we shall save the funds to finance our upcoming house / renovation instead..

Since the event has a ‘copper’ theme, each guest gets to customized their copper wire Bookmark / Pendant / Name-card holder in their own names.  So now you are aware that you can also make use of copper wires to create ornaments.. 🙂

Here’s me and Jacelyn with the pretty ‘back-drop’! Everything is perfect but not the hot & humid weather.. Sigh!!

Since 14, I’m always troubled by the state of my acne-prone skin.. It has been a long and constant battle with pimples, blocked pores and oily skin… Now that I’m hitting that big ‘3’ soon, i am also worried about aging tell-signs like fine lines, less plump cheeks and dilated pores…

Like me, many ladies are concerned over getting fine lines, wrinkles and dilated pores. As such, Kiehl’s chemists have come out with products to tackle these key concerns.. Known as the Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream, the product targets fines lines, wrinkles and pores by boosting elasticity.. Like the plaster below, it will starts to lose its elasticity and its appearance will deteriorate  after i stretched it… Our skin’s elastin fibers will reacts the same (if no maintenance is done) and loses elasticity overtime as we age. Thus, wrinkles, enlarged pores and rough skin texture will start to form.

Therefore with improved elasticity, elastin fibers will be maintained and will help the skin to bounce back. Hence, skin will turns smoother with less visible wrinkles and pores. Kiehl’s chemists understood this logic so first step of the product will be to address elasticity with a focus on the skin’s fiber network. Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream was developed with this knowledge to effectively and significantly increase skin’s elasticity which will yield a healthier, younger-looking complexion.

In addition, powerful micro-nutrients (as below) are added to boost the anti-aging capabilities all while infusing skin with the much-needed hydration.  Although the formation of elastin (elastogenesis) is a complex process, both copper and calcium play unique and critical roles.

The power of Copper PCA & Calcium PCA for younger looking skin

Copper (CU) forms, strengthens and reorganizes the elastin network of skin in three key ways – induce production of elastin, enhance orderly cross-linking of elastin and reserving healthy functional elastin. In addition, copper serves as an antioxidant, which helps protect the skin and improves skin’s barrier function. By integrating CU into skincare products,  both elastin content and the production of more orderly elastin fibers can be achieved (so skin will be less wrinkled, more supple, has visibly smaller pores and is more hydrated)

Calcium (CA) Strengthens and protects skin as it helps with cell turnover. It also prevents collagen degradation and aids in collagen production. Calcium will also regulate the lipid barrier process which  maintain continual and efficient barrier functions. As such, Calcium can significantly reduce skin dryness and helps firms skin. So you know that lack of calcium not only causes brittle bones, it also results in skin to be more fragile and thin as supporting layers weaken and loose density.


Geoff Genesky (Head Chemist of Kiehl’s Research and Innovation) said that improving elasticity of skin requires a multi-pronged three steps approach: Retaining and protecting the functionality of the elastic fibers, support of the skin barrier and restoring hydration to the upper layers of the skin.

The Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream is able to address these three skin areas concerns:

Organize and protect skin’s elastic fiber network – it retains skin’s elasticity by organizing and protecting the functionality of elastic fibers against alternation/ degradation by age-related changes and associated protein expression and enzymatic activity.

Protect and strengthen the skin barrier – It maintains an ideal barrier function with calcium PCA by regulating the distribution within the epidermis.  As such, the vital skin barrier properties will be retained and guard skin against calcium deficiency and prevents skin function alterations. Therefore, there will be a healthy skin barrier to helps to defend against external aggressors which will damage skin’s elasticity.

Restore hydration – In addition to strengthen the elastic fiber network and skin barrier, the cream also supply optimal moisture which maintains skin’s natural cell turnover and capacity to bounce back. With well-hydrated skin, skin will stay healthy, flexible, and plump.

Not only it looks good, Kiehl’s Powerful Wrinkle & Pore Reducing Cream is clinically demonstrated to be able to improvement wrinkles and skin texture in just 1 week. In about 4 weeks, the cream has proven to  improves skin elasticity by 32%, reduce the appearance of wrinkles by 15% and its texture by 26%…

Overall, consumers who used the product over 4 weeks have reported that skin looked smoother (96%) and the look of pores was reduced (83%)

For our delicate eye area, it will often be the first tell-age of aging when the content of elastin in the skin begins to diminish. For most people, loss of elastin in their skin will lead to decreased ability of the skin to recoil when stretched. These changes are usually seen most prominently around the eyes when ‘Crow’s Feet’ starts to form.. :/

Utilizing the power of Copper PCA and Calcium PCA, Kiehl’s chemists extended this efficacious combination to treat the eye area with Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream. Developed to target serious aging concerns in the delicate eye area, this cream has been proven to visibly correct the appearance of wrinkles and smooth skin texture.

In a consumer study, users have reported the following  within 4 weeks:

 80% reported crow’s feet visibly reduced
 81% reported fine lines visibly reduced
 80% reported wrinkles visibly reduced
 89% reported skin texture appears smoother

A clinical study showed:

 38% reduction in dark circles
 49% reduction in puffiness
 23% reduction in wrinkles
 26% improvement in elasticity

Besides the launch of the new powerful line of anti-aging products with copper, there’s another important announcement by Kielh’s.. Over the years, Kiehl’s has expanded rapidly with increased customers’ support and increasing new outlets worldwide..  Due to this global expansion, Kiehl’s is able to achieve bigger economies of scale and thus will be passing on the cost savings to Singapore’s customers… In addition, it is also Kiehl’s heritage to give back to the community and therefore from 1st April 2013 onwards, they are dropping their prices for 21 of their best-selling products (with the same efficacious formulas).

Therefore, Singapore’s customers can now enjoy price cuts  price cuts for many of the best-selling products like Ultra Facial Cream, Calendula Toner,Creme de Corps body lotion, Dermatologist Solutions Powerful strength line reducing concentrate and ultra light daily UV defense SPF 50 PA+++..

Hereby, I’m pleased to share with my readers more on the revised prices for the 21 favorite / Best Selling items.

Note: Price cut will be a permanent one.. 🙂

1) Dermatologist Solutions Centella Recovery Skin Salve 75ml (was $100, now $90)

2) Dermatologist Solutions Clearly Corrective Clarity Activating Toner 250ml (was $55, now $50)

3) Ultimate Thickening Shampoo 250ml (was $41, now $38)

4) Ultra Facial Cleanser 150ml (was $43, Now $35)

5) Dermatologist Solutions Overnight Biological Peel 50ml (was $102, now $80)

6) Midnight Recovery Eye 15ml (was $72, now $60)

7) Rare Earth Pore Minimizing Lotion 75ml (was $69, now $52)

8) Ultra Facial Cream 50ml (was $51, Now $48)

9) Calendula Herbal Extract Toner 250ml (was $78, now $58)

10) Ultra Facial Oil-free Cleanser 150ml (was $43, now $35)

11) Dermatologist Solutions Powerful Strength Line reducing concentrate 50ml (was $132, now $98)

12) Midnight Recovery Concentrate 30ml (was $90, now $80)

13) Dermatologist Solutions Ultra light daily UV defense SPF50PA+++ (was $68, Now $52)

14) Facial Fuel Energizing Face wash 250ml (was $45, Now $35)

15) Dermatologist Solutions High Potency Skin Firming Concentrate 50ml (was $112, now $105)

16) Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado 14ml (was $57, now $50)

17) Creme de Corps (was $100, now $90)

18) Calendula Herbal Extract Toner 125ml (was $54, now $40)

19) Calendula Herbal Extract Toner 500ml (was $110, now $90)

20) Dermatologist Solutions Epidermal Re-texturizing Micro-Dermabrasion 75ml (was $92, now $78)

21) Rare Earth Deep Pore Daily Cleanser 150ml (was $45, now $40)

Thank you Kielh’s for organizing this session and i had a fun evening learning how to power-charge my skin.. Not forgetting the charming George Young who made the presentation so interesting! If you are interested in getting the duo, the Powerful Wrinkle and Pore Reducing Cream is selling at $80 for 50ml and the Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream at $65 for 15ml.


Went home with a set of the Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream & Powerful Wrinkle and Pore Reducing Cream + a $100 vouchers for me to purchase any Kielh’s products.. I have fully utilized it on the Calendula Herbal Extract Toner 250ml (was $78 but now $58) and the Blue Herbal Moisturizer which i really love as it helps to curb breakouts but remains gentle on skin! Will share more about it soon.. 🙂


I have also tried the Powerful Wrinkle Reducing Eye Cream for the past 1 month while i have given my mum the Powerful Wrinkle and Pore Reducing Cream..

My thoughts on this little pot of eye-cream 🙂

1) Fragrance free and it has a Rich Creamy Texture, therefore a small amount suffices… Since the texture is on the thicker side, it will take a longer time to get absorbed… Trick is apply small amount of the cream over your eye-area, massage and pat the eyecream to speed up absorption..

2) The eye-cream is easy to spread and very moisturizing. Upon contact, it feels a little oily but it leaves the skin on my eye-area smooth (with no sticky after feel) after it sets in.

3) No adverse reactions like oil seeds / pimples / redness / itchiness after application. Will prefer that the packaging comes with the metal applicator for that extra soothing sensation..

4) My fine eyes on the lower eye area appears to be more hydrated and less patchy.. As such, it looks more supple and brighter.

5) Been sleeping late recently and hence my dark eye circles are still there! It does seems to reduce puffiness so i don’t look tired and fatigued.


The rich & creamy texture

Thanks for reading and i will be back soon with more updates!

One more day to TGIF so press on everyone! 😀